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What is this Site about?

I’m passionate about children being able to live safely within their family network,  when Special Guardianship Order’s first came about this really sparked my interest.

Through SGO Info, I hope to bring together information about Special Guardianship.

This area has been growing rapidly, there is information about Special Guardianship out there, you just have to hunt around for it.

There are several websites like Family Rights Group, GrandparentsPlus, Kinship Care Alliance which do an excellent job and provide lots of information but Special Guardianship is not their sole focus.

Through this site, I want to bring together information about Special Guardianship, into a central home.

SgoInfo aims to bring Special Guardianship Information to one home and give it a voice.

What are the aims of SGO Info? 

Special Guardians fall within the category of care, that you may be more familiar with such as Kinship Care, also called Connected Persons Care. 

Broadly speaking Kinship Care or Connected Person care is the aspect of keeping children cared for within their family of origin. Kinship care is this value of family and children continuing to know and identify with their family which I feel strongly aligned and passionate about.

I have assessed numerous Kinship Carers (Connected Person carers), that is both Special Guardians and Family and Friends Carers. Each family has been unique. Each family had its own individual story.

Since working in this field, I have been increasingly aware of the pressures and demands that assessing social workers are placed under to complete Special Guardianship (SGO) and Family and Friends fostering assessments in ever decreasing timescales.

What has stood out has been the lack of resources and guidance about Special Guardianship which appears to have lagged behind Fostering and Adoption in its development.  I wanted to give Special Guardianship a voice from the view of a social worker.

But I am also aware of the complexity of the processes that prospective kinship carers are subject to and what is expected of them in often difficult circumstances.  Special Guardianship carers lives are changed almost overnight and they are literally left holding the baby.

I hope that in time  SGO Info will be able to capture their experiences, but I have not walked in their shoes and can only give you a view from my own viewpoint as a social worker and my experience of working with Special Guardians and the expectations of them during the assessment and following this.

It is with this in mind that I have decided to set up www.sgoinfo.co.ukSpecial Guardianship Info – Giving Special Guardianship a Voice  – a one stop home for everything to do with Special Guardianship.

I aim to write two blog posts a month or an update when there is new information about Special Guardianship. If you want to receive this and also keep up to date with any new tools, research and resources in the field of Special Guardianship that can help you when you are assessing prospective family members, please sign up here

Social Workers and professionals – Get updates about Special Guardianship

If you are a prospective Special Guardian or are already a Special Guardian, then get updates and resources information -  at our sister site at www.sgosupport.co.uk

Welcome to Special Guardianship Info -  Giving Special Guardianship a Voice.


This is a personal blog, reflecting my views and opinions, not necessarily those of my employer or anyone I’m currently working with. The information I provide is on an as-seen basis. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors, omissions or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its use.

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