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Change Is Needed In Kinship Care

What happens when children can’t remain living at home? That is when family and friends care, kinship care comes into its importance. Evidence has shown, that children who are raised by family members, benefit from the sense of belonging, being able to grow up around...

Special Guardianship (SGO) – An Agenda for Change

Special Guardianship is finally getting some recognition that it needs. A webinar, Special Guardianship (SGO) An Agenda for Change took place on 15 March 2021. It was hosted by Lancaster University; the key message is that Special Guardianship (SGO) finally is being...

Special Guardians continue to get a raw deal

This post was updated 14.3.2021 Special Guardians are often not receiving the support they need. This story caught my attention as it continues to highlight the lack of resources available to those Special Guardians who are trying to raise children within their...

Special Guardianship Support Needs Are Often Incorrectly Assessed (Especially SGO Allowances)

Special Guardianship is a growing area of care, but not many have even heard about Special Guardianship or SGO as it’s often referred to. SGO Allowances are often incorrectly calculated

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